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Soup Du Jour 3.5/7
Smoked Salmon / potato pancake, crème fraiche, caper, red onion, beurre blanc 12
Calamari Fritti / marinara, sweet thai chili 12
Braised Leeks / miso mustard 9
Hanger Steak Pot Stickers / napa slaw, herbed ponzu, red pepper drizzle 9
Tempura Green Beans / wasabi aioli, sweet soy 6


Spicy Tuna Roll / tuna tartare, avocado, chili oil, chili paste, sriracha 9
California Roll / snow crab, avocado, cucumber 16
Philly Roll / smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado 9
Cucumber-Avocado Roll 6
Seaweed Salad / wakame, cucumber 7
Sesame Squid Salad 8
Edamame / togarashi beurre blanc 8


Mixed Greens / balsamic vinaigrette 7
Sashimi / salmon, tuna, yellowtail, white tuna, mixed green, wasabi aioli, rice wine vinaigrette 12.5
Asian Caesar / watercress, roasted tomatoes, croutons, parmesan, anchovy, caesar 8.5
tempura shrimp 13
grilled chicken 13
sesame crusted salmon 14
Frisee / pork belly, tempura poached egg, edamame, rice noodle, miso vinaigrette 12
Warm Goat Cheese / endive, radicchio, walnuts, cranberries, whole grain mustard vinaigrette 10
Iceberg Wedge / bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, onions, balsamic vinaigrette, white french 9


Parallax Burger / lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar, barbecue mayo, pommes frites 13
Chilled Fish Taco / corn and flour shells, poached white fish, wakame slaw, guacamole, spicy aioli 10
Croque Monsieur / ham, pork shoulder, shrimp aioli, brioche, béchamel, pommes frites 13
Grilled Chicken Breast / watercress, pommes frites, beurre blanc 14
Japanese Udon Noodle/ shrimp, pork belly, asian vegetable, udon broth 14
Peanut Crusted Trout / haricot vert, hoisin, beurre blanc 15
Steamed Mussels / chili dashi, pommes frites, spicy aioli 14
Swordfish Belly / latin creamed corn, haricot vert, south american pepper sauce, herb oil 16
Chicken Ramen / asian vegetable, miso broth, fried egg, pickled vegetable 14
Choucroute Garnie / roasted sausage, pork shank, shoulder, and belly, vegetable, adzuki bean 16
Duck Confit / thai red curry sauce, bamboo risotto, haricot vert, soy glaze 17
Grilled Thai Sausage / pesto glass noodle, soft boiled egg, pickled vegetable 14
Green Curry Tofu / vegetable stir fry, udon noodle, pickled vegetable 14
Korean Braised Beef / asian vegetable, jasmine rice, spicy udon broth, soft boiled egg, wakame 17
Spicy Tuna Burger / miso mustard, wasabi aioli, pickled cucumber, roasted tomato, watercress 16

Parallax Chili Dog / focaccia, cheddar, red onions, scallion, pommes frites 11
Sesame Crusted Salmon / roasted root vegetable, edamame, pearl onion, sweet udon 16
Seafood Stew Du Jour 14

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness